Site Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is process that engages as many people as possible to create a united vision for the exterior spaces of our school.  There are 3 phases in creating a master plan:

  1. RESEARCH all aspects of the site,
  2. ENGAGE as many people as possible, and
  3. DESIGN a plan for how our needs and desires can best be met while considering the sites’ limitations and constraints. 

In simple is a pretty picture of what should go where and how it could all fit together in a way that makes sense.

Why do a Master Plan?

A master plan can help assure that future improvements at the school are conducted carefully, efficiently, and in a way to best meet the school communities' needs.  It is also a great resource for leveraging grant funds to help make some of the identified improvements happen.

The Village Process

The Village School Master Plan process is an effort supported by the board, the executive director, principal, and staff.  Below is an outline of the approximate timeline and some strategies we hope to use to develop the master plan.  Please note that these are approximate and we will be posting progress updates on this website as well as in the Village Voice.

Get Involved!

Everyone can get involved by:

  • Submitting thoughts/ideas/comments at any time to:
  • Submitting your email address to the above address to be added on a project listserve to learn about upcoming events and project updates
  • Attend Dia de Los Muertos and the Heart of the Village Celebration events and provide feedback at the master plan project tables
  • Volunteer to assist with the process (table events, review materials, help with outreach and information gathering efforts)
  • Take a survey (stay tuned)
  • Participate in a design charrette in the winter/spring (stay tuned)

Project Updates

April/May: Board Meeting and Project Kick-off

June - September: Site Research & Analysis

  • Meeting with Village School Executive Director & Principal, Andy Peara & Carla LaFleur
  • Site visit & meeting with lead designers of previous site improvements and site planning, Rex Redmon & Mike Magee
  • Site walk-through with Friends of Trees Director, Erik Burke
  • Site walk-through with buildings & grounds manager, Brett Jacobs
  • Interview with previous Safe Routes to Schools coordinator, Shane MacRhodes
  • Accessibility Analysis & other site research

October: Board Meeting and All Staff Meeting project updates. Project introduction at All School Meeting.

  • 11/6: Parent Council Meeting Presentation (not confirmed)
  • 11/8: All Staff Meeting Presentation
  • 11/8: Site Visit with City of Eugene Police, Crime Prevention Specialist
  • 11/8: Site Feasibility Assessment with Long Tom Watershed Council
  • 11/9 EVENT: Table at Dia de los Muertos Celebration
  • 11/20: Board Meeting Presentation