Site Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is process that engages as many people as possible to create a united vision for the exterior spaces of our school.  There are 3 phases in creating a master plan:

  1. RESEARCH all aspects of the site,
  2. ENGAGE as many people as possible, and
  3. DESIGN a plan for how our needs and desires can best be met while considering the sites’ limitations and constraints. 

In simple is a pretty picture of what should go where and how it could all fit together in a way that makes sense.

Why do a Master Plan?

A master plan can help assure that future improvements at the school are conducted carefully, efficiently, and in a way to best meet the school communities' needs.  It is also a great resource for leveraging grant funds to help make some of the identified improvements happen.

Progress and Upcoming Events

A critical and very important step in every master planning effort is conducting research and engaging as many people as possible to learn about the property and its use.  Below is a summary of efforts that have already occurred followed by events that are in the works.

  • Interviews with: school leadership, Safe Routes to School coordinator,
  • Interviews with and/or site walkthroughs with:
    • School Leadership,
    • Landscape Architects,
    • Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator,
    • Arborist,
    • Grounds Manager,
    • Stormwater Specialist, &
    • Eugene Police Crime Prevention Specialist.

Community Engagement:
  • Regular progress updates at Board Meetings
  • Occasional updates at All Staff Meetings
  • All Staff Survey
  • Table at school-wide events: Dia de los Muertos & Heart of the Village

Get Involved!

Everyone can get involved by:

  • Submitting thoughts/ideas/comments at any time to:
  • Submitting your email address to the above address to be added on to a project listserve to learn about upcoming events and project updates
  • Attend Dia de Los Muertos and the Heart of the Village Celebration events and provide feedback at the master plan project tables (already passed)
  • Volunteer to assist with the process (table events, review materials, help with outreach and information gathering efforts)
  • Participate in a design charrette in the spring (stay tuned for information)