The Village School is a holistic, K-8 public charter school with a curriculum incorporating Waldorf and other arts-integrated methods. Our program fully integrates the arts within an academic curriculum, educating the whole child—head, heart and hands​​. Click here for more info about our program.

Annual Giving Campaign 2018-19
From the beginning, The Village School has been committed to environmental education and minimizing our ecological footprint. Our goal for this year’s annual giving campaign is to install 25 kilowatts of solar power. When combined with ongoing efforts to replace our current gas-fired heating system with ductless heat pumps, we hope to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve our interior environment including during warmer months, protect against power outages, and save operating costs.  This will include a monitoring station where students can see the amount of power generated as it happens and over time.

We are hoping to raise $15,000 in this campaign towards a budget of roughly $75,000. We are highly confident that we can raise the remaining $60,000 via grants and utility promotions over the next 15 months. In view of our commitment to environmentally sound practices but also financial responsibility, solar power makes a lot of sense. We hope you will join us in our efforts to Bring Solar Power to the Village School. Click here to make a donation today!

Bring Solar Power to
The Village School!